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Jacqueline Haddon MSW

Who We Are

North Valley Mental Health is a group of mental health professionals working together as a state licensed mental health clinic to treat mental and emotional disorders through a wide range of clinical techniques and specialties. We include licensed professional counselors, qualified mental health associates, licensed clinical social workers,psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners and psychiatrists.

Where We Are

Valley Mental Health clinicians work in a variety of convenient locations in and around Portland, Oregon. The main administrative offices of North Valley MH are located in the Hollywood District, just off Sandy Blvd. If location is an important factor in you choice of mental health services, click on the location link to the left to see a listing of our locations and the services available at each site.

How to Contact Us

Phone   503-267-3708 
Mail North Valley Mental Health
821 Saginaw Street South
Salem, Oregon 97302
Email  Clinical Director, North Valley Mental Health

What We Do

We treat cognitive, emotional and behavioral problems.  Our goal is to provide courteous and professional treatment with a minimum of additional emotional discomfort.  We offer a wide range of services to children, teens and adults including group, individual, marital and family counseling, medication, play therapy, and psychological testing.



North Valley Mental Health is an expansion of Valley Menatl Health which was started in 1994 with six staff and has gradually grown in size and the scope of services offered. Expanding from our base in Salem into the Portland area, we re-incorporated under a new organizational structure and added North to our name. Despite being a new organization, our team has deep roots. Most of us have been working together for years, cooperating to provide our patients and clients with treatment suited to their specific personal needs.

Business Hours

Most of the clinicians in North Valley MH keep their own schedules, offering a range of hours including evenings and Saturdays. After hours, a qualified professional is always on call to handle emergencies.

New Clients

It is usually more convenient to call the main office at 503-267-3708 to check on who is taking new patients, but you can also call the counselor of your choice to discuss becoming a client.

Prescription Refills

Be sure to call your pharmacy at least four days before you need the refill. Even if you have no refills remaining, it is almost always best to call your pharmacy. If a prescriber’s approval is needed for your prescription to be refilled, your pharmacist will call or fax us.

Schedule II Medications

Federal law requires that certain medications need a new, original prescription written by your prescriber each time the medication is dispensed. It is not possible to have a prescription with refills. If you are requesting refill of a prescription for a schedule II medication, the best procedure is to leave your prescriber a voice mail including your name, the name of the medication, whether it is immediate release or timed release, the strength of the tablets or capsules and how many you take per day. Unless you need to come in for an evaluation, you can expect a call back within a day or two telling you your prescription is ready to pick up.